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Sustainability and environmental protection in our hotel

For the love of the environment!

Tip: Support the environment and do without your daily room cleaning.

Because your renunciation of daily cleaning reduces water and electricity consumption and also the amount of cleaning agents and detergents. Help us use resources more sparingly and protect the environment!

Measures taken to support environmental protection and sustainability

Reduction of water consumption

Our guests can reuse their towels as often as they like. Towels lying on the floor are replaced and hung towels are left hanging. This methodology is indicated by a sign in the bathroom.

The bed linen in all rooms is changed completely only every 2nd day in case of a guest’s stay of several days.

In addition, our guests can waive their daily cleaning by informing our staff on the spot or at the time of reservation.

Our bathrooms are equipped exclusively with water-saving toilets and showers.

Savings in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

Our food comes almost exclusively from the region and is seasonal.

Our lighting is generated by energy-efficient LED lamps and all windows are double-glazed.

Bicycles can be stored free of charge and safely in a lockable garage.

The in-house garden with terrace can be used freely by guests.

Soon new: E-car charging stations directly at the hotel…

Less waste

All of our hotel’s waste is separated and recycled. There are also firm guidelines on the prevention, reduction, recycling and recovery of waste.

Disposable bottles, cans and samples in the rooms have been replaced by dispensers with high quality products to reduce plastic consumption.

We eliminate plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic bottles and plastic tableware. High quality dishes and cutlery can be borrowed if needed.

Drinks are sold in returnable glass bottles or served in glasses. All drinks in the hotel come from a regional distributor and we only buy returnable glass bottles.


You have questions, comments, criticism?

Feel free to contact our staff or contact us directly by phone or e-mail.